The hard part of moving to Australia is over; now let us make your financial transfer easy.

We have provided a summary of information below relating to UK pensions, however for more detailed information please visit our dedicated website –

If you have moved to Australia from the UK, you may have pension funds from an employer or a personal scheme you personally paid into.

If you would like to receive your benefits tax-free in retirement, eliminate long term currency risk and have control over where your benefits are paid upon death, it will be worth exploring what this means for your personal circumstances.

Aspect Wealth Advisers provides unique and customised assistance for you when assessing your UK Pensions and whether to transfer or not. We offer:

  1. Personal Service
  2. Choice
  3. Control

Aspect prides itself on delivering a service to suit your individual circumstances. You will deal with the same adviser right through the process. You have your Advisers direct email and phone number – no call centres or a new person each time you contact us.

There are significant choices to be made during the process. Transfer now or later? Where do I transfer my pension to? What tax do I pay? What happens when the funds arrive? Should I convert or retain sterling?

It is important you have all the facts allowing you to make an informed decision. We help you through these choices to ensure the most appropriate outcome is achieved.

With Aspect Wealth you are not just a part of a process. We work to your timeframes and goals to ensure you retain control over the outcome. You will know the timeframe, cost, tax and any other implications prior to transferring your pension.

  • Understand what a “QROPS” is
  • Secure your financial future
  • Pay no tax in the UK on the transfer
  • Eliminate Australian tax in retirement
  • Ensure 100% of your pension goes to your dependents and loved ones when you die

Finding out costs nothing. To commence the process, find out the value of your UK Pension and whether a transfer will benefit you, it starts here by requesting a transfer pack.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your specific circumstances.

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