Just because you have retired, it doesn’t mean your financial plans should retire as well.

The governments regularly change tax and Centrelink rules and regulations which impact every retiree in Australia. It is important that you keep abreast of these changes to ensure you are in the best position. An Aspect wealth financial planner can keep your plans up to date with the changing landscape and make sure you get the best out of your retirement.

Many Australians are living longer due to improvements in medical care and living standards. The average life expectancy has risen substantially in recent years and continues to increase, particularly for people over the age of 65. If you’re 65 today, there’s a good chance you’ll live well into your 90s.

To have confidence your money will last the distance you will need a substantial amount of savings. Retirement can be more expensive than you think.

The Age Pension can provide you with some income, but it probably won’t be enough to support your desired lifestyle. You will need to consider investment solutions that can provide you with the income you need for the rest of your life. Will a modest lifestyle be a happy retirement or would you prefer a more comfortable and flexible retirement lifestyle?

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