Where to next? Going Up or Down? To Fix or Not to Fix?

Leading economists predict there may be an interest rate cut in February or March 2014. We think the next rate rise won’t be until at least this time next year. What does this mean for your home loan rate until then?

Since the last two interest rate cuts in May and August this year (0.50% in total), most Banks haven’t passed these cuts on to borrowers.

Fixed rates have only fallen up to 0.2% over this period. This tells us lenders don’t think there will be many more interest rate cuts over the coming year.

What to think about:

Is it time to refinance? Is it time to consider an investment property and fix your rate – giving you certainty on what your expenses will be? Let’s do the sums.

Be sure to take a look at your current rate today! Shop around. Lean on your current lender for a better deal.

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