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No more New Year’s “resolutions”

Had enough of resolutions each and every year that you don’t follow? I’m betting like 95% of people you are also guilty of making a resolution at 11:55pm on the 31st December and not actually sticking to it (and apparently 65% of all statistics are made up). Now three months down the track, how are yours travelling?

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We’re all worth more dead than alive!

Are we worth more dead? Apparently I am! So what happens when the inevitable occurs? What do you WANT to happen to your assets when you die? For many it’s a simple topic of ‘each to the other and then the kids’ where we have a nuclear family. It’s not as simple as that now, blended families in particular add a complexity that needs to be considered.

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“Trump, unicorns & pixies. But this is no fairytale.”

A Donald J Trump victory in the US Presidential election has made worldwide news. His views, policies, and past has raised more than eyebrows. Yet enough American’s were still convinced to vote for a man that has polarised opinions yet captured a major win in the middle-America vote. It’s been 9 years since the acknowledged start of the GFC, they’ve said enough-is-enough and want more as they’ve not seen their personal position improve.

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